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Frame gatter esterer 710, pilorama esterer 710
40 000 €/шт
Linmede, UAB, Алитус
Rabochij stanok. polnyj komplekt lesopilky i dokumentacija, 100-150m3 brioven za 8 chasov; hidravlychiskaja perestanovka i natezhka pil; glav...
В радиусе 90 км от Алитуса
Frame-panel houses
200 €/м.кв.  
Оптовая цена
150 - 200 €/м.кв.
Our company "CITY-HOUSE" is a manufacturer of the frame-panel houses based on Canadian technology, located in Ukraine. With the extensive...
Modular water treatment systems on stainless frames
Цена по запросу
Litech Aqua, ООО, UA, 86 км +1 объявление
Ukrainian manufacturer of water treatment equipment - Litech Aqua offers a unique solution for customers - modular water treatment systems on...
Diesel generator set AD200-T / 400A
Цена по запросу
ППЖТ, ООО, RU, 86 км +2 объявления
We sell the Diesel-generator set AD200-T / 400A Production Russia. The complete assembly is located on the frame, with a 1D12V-300 diesel engine...
Craned track maintenance vehicle MPT- 6
Цена по запросу
ППЖТ, ООО, RU, 86 км +2 объявления
Craned track maintenance vehicle MPT- 6 (2008 year of manufacture - it was not used and is in reserve. And a new one) MPT-6 railway vehicle is...
Craned railway vehicle MPT-4
Цена по запросу
ППЖТ, ООО, RU, 86 км +2 объявления
Сraned railway vehicle MPT-4 (1999, 2000, 2008 year of manufacture - from the reserve, without mileage and running hours. And a new one) MPT-4...
Reverse Osmosis Systems
1 850 €/шт
Litech Aqua, ООО, UA, 86 км +1 объявление
Litech Aqua Desolt - reverse osmosis systems, which are developed using advanced 3D modeling and software for designing accurate processes. Our...
Roller press for peat briquetting
186 000 €/шт EXW
Комкор, ООО, UA, 86 км
Roller press for peat briquetting Press roller briquetting mod. PBV-22MP (22MPG) is a design without a permanent type, all the main components...
Box tilter /box tipper "PKH/1"
Цена по запросу
Nut Exim, ООО, UA, 86 км
Box tilter/box tipper "PKH/1" has been designed for unloading of boxes (containers) and others, including unloading of boxes with walnuts into a...
Трубогибы\Арматурогибы Stalex
113 $/шт DDP
Строительное оборудование, ООО, RU, 86 км
Официальные диллеры завода, доставка в любой город России и страны СНГ В наличии расширенная линейка Станок листогибочный ручной Stalex RS...
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